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The power of prayer

I follow so many moms… moms I personally know and moms I wish I knew. My heart can literally feel what some of these moms are feeling. I might not be in their shoes but our loves are so strong for our kids and when I see moms hurting or desperate for prayer, my heart breaks.

I have a few specific mamas in mind, one that I personally know and another from Instagram that someone else I follow featured on hers. The one I personally know is a strong and fierce mama who’s kids are almost the same age as mine. I’ve been following her journey from pregnancy to motherhood and it hasn’t been easy for her. I won’t go into details, but instead of motherhood being this glamorous journey like she thought it would be, it has been a rollercoaster of bad news. Both of her babies alwere diagnosed with genetic mitochondrial disorders that most likely won’t be cured. One was hard enough but when she found out her second had the same disease, just maybe on a different spectrum, my heart broke into a million pieces for her and her family . And then tonight I saw that she posted that her sweet boy has been seizing for over 15 hours and is in a drug induced coma. Jesus Christ. How much can one mama handle? I keep trying to remember that He does not give anything to us that we can’t handle. This isn’t the best quote for someone who is hurting, but it’s true. He will get us through this storm.

Dear mama, if you are reading this, keep venting. Lean on us. Cry. Let it out. Pray to God. Kiss your babies. Keep your head up for you are strong and persevering. Take care of yourself. Your babies are lucky to have you. You are a good mama and we are routing for you and your babies. #brycestrong

Please pray for Jamie and her family. The power of prayer is incredibly powerful.

The other mama I follow is a fitness guru who is my age with 2 daughters. Her 4 year old daughter was diagnosed B cell ALL high risk leukemia this January. The little girl is full of spunk and personality and reminds me a lot of Juliana. Her other baby was just born in November. Her posts, just like the mama I know from high school, are always positive and inspirational despite the heart aches and challenges. They lean on others for support and prayers and trust us to feel safe to vent. Juliana talks about this little girl all the time.

Another beautiful soul I went to college with had a daughter with an incurable disease called Leigh’s syndrome impacting her physical strength, motor skills, feeding, and vision. This little angel fought and fought and her strong parents never gave up hope knowing that her little body could only deteriorate. I remember always looking at her social media while she would hold her little babe either at home or in the hospital.

When I heard she passed away before her second birthday I couldn’t stop internalizing it. I didn’t want to post pictures of Jules and I felt so guilty for even being happy at all. My heart was so broken and I wasn’t even her mama.

Dear mamas,

I think about you and your little stars who light up a million skies every single night. I know everyone always says they will pray, but I swear I get on both knees in my bathroom alone and pray for both of you. Some nights I even pray with Juliana for your beautiful families. You are strong. You are brave. You are a good example for your kids. You will do this. You will persevere. These babies are so resilient. Don’t forget to take care of you along this journey, even if it’s a simple step back to breathe. I wish I had words to say to take away your pain and make this part of your journey not suck and hurt so bad. I remember hearing a quote that sometimes it hurts so bad to love so much. My heart hurts for you so much and I will continue to pray. If you are reading this, please pray.

Update- Brycey passed away peacefully in his mama’s arms on June 28.


Loving Lord Jesus, You are the good Shepherd of the sheep and You are the One Who carries the little lambs in Your arms – and gently cares for those that are weak and afraid. Lord it is so hard to watch a child in distress and feel helpless to aid them – but I pray Lord that You would safely carry this little child and tend for him/her as only You can.

I lift up this precious child to You and ask for Your healing power to permeate through his/her frail body and return him/her to radiant health and strength. Relieve all the symptoms of this unpleasant illness that has invaded this little body – guard him/her from danger and may he/she respond to Your healing touch on his/her life.

Thank You that You are a God Who cares and loves little children and that You hear and answer prayers. Keep this precious lamb enfolded in Your arms and resting on Your bosom and raise him/ her back to full health I pray – and we will give You all the thanks and praise for You alone are worthy.


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