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A Mama’s Sanity

You probably get the point about most of my blogs by now- exercise and nutrition fuels you and as a mama, your gas tank is likely always near empty. You always hear excuses from people- “I am too busy. I have more than one kid. I’m too tired, my baby was up all night. I have a headache. I don’t have time.” MAKE time for you. If you don’t make time for you, you will get burnt out and to be a mama, you need a full gas tank. I’m not saying go out there and take boot camp, but get your heart pumping. Let those endorphins run wild. Feel it.


Endorphins are a group of hormones and once they’re released in the brain and nervous system, there’s a physiological effect. The effects include but are not limited to: pain relief, positivity, energy improved sleep cycles, and reduced anxiety, stress and depression.

Here are some tips to help you live a healthy lifestyle and be happy/ AKA stay sane:

  1. Eat mindfully- I’m not saying give up all sweets and treats, but be mindful of what you are eating. I am so guilty of eating on the go, rushing while I eat, and sometimes even eating while I am working or on my phone or computer. When you are rushing to eat your food, you really can’t tell if you are full or not. It’s so hard to be a full-time working mama and eat mindfully, but try sitting down with your kids, your students, your significant other and eat slowly.- engage in conversation. Enjoy your food. Put down the phone and work and just eat.
  2. Try some HIIT programs- I LOVE HIIT workouts. I used to be involved in a HIIT class at the gym on Tuesday nights and I loved it! HIIT means high interval intensity training consisting of bursts of intense exercise followed by short periods of rest. Research shows that HIIT workouts help build endurance, burn more calories, and boost your metabolism. My favorite HIIT workout is on the treadmill.


3. Set goals- For me, I LOVE to run, but I was never really a runner. I wanted to    challenge myself and decided to run my first half marathon in 2014…I actually ran 2. I became addicted and set a goal to run a half marathon every year (unless I was pregnant). I’m not saying go out and run a half marathon or a full marathon, but set some goals and smash them! Some great ideas: Commit to yoga once a week, drink more water, join a team or class, commit to walking or running 3x a week…those are just some examples!

4.  Meditate- I love the app Insight Timer- they have guided mediations for everything from anxiety to sleep. I also think yoga is a great escape! Even if you meditate or take yoga once a week, it does wonders for the mind, body, and soul. Remember, just breathe.

5.  Weights- Don’t be afraid to lift weights. Benefits of weight lifting include losing body fat, gaining strength WITHOUT bulking if you do it properly, reducing risk of injuries (especially good if you have chunky babies hahah), burns more calories, can help improve posture and back pain, and enhances mood and reduces stress. I personally love  weight challenges like the push-up challenge, wall-sit challenge, and even some Pinterest weight workouts. I love to aim for doing 50 pushups a day (like tip #3). My toddler loves to join me in these challenges =) Strong is the new sexy.

6.  Drink more water- Aim for 64 oz. per day! Water helps the skin, organs, and just overall health. Add some lemon and have a sunshiny day!

7.  Stop comparing yourself to everyone else- BE YOU, no one else. Who cares if the next person can run a mile faster than you? Who cares if he or she has a 6 pack. You are you for a reason. Be in competition with yourself. Like I said in a few blogs before this, social media paints a picture that everyone is perfect and when they pose they are skinny with an 8 pack…but reality is, who cares. More power to ya if you do- I have posted pictures of myself because I worked pretty damn hard setting goals and I like to try to inspire other moms. I have learned to look in the mirror and appreciate every single flaw I have. They are who I am. When I plank, I have loose skin that shrivels up protrudes out. But when I stand up and have correct posture, it looks like I have some muscle. It doesn’t come easy- especially with kids, but strive to be a better you.



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