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Dear Tired Mama


Dear Tired, Exhausted, Overworked, Overwhelmed, Sore, Lonely Mama,

Tired is too weak of a word to use in the exhaustion of motherhood. You wake up early with a 3 page to-do list, pack lunches, get your kids ready for school or daycare, forget to brush your hair, go to work, pick them back up, look at that 3 page to-do list, do laundry, make dinner, bicker with your husband, try to clean the house, pack for the next day, nurse your little one to sleep/let them cry it out in their own crib/get them more water/intervene nightmares…by the time it’s time for you to go to bed, it’s 10pm and you haven’t even showered yet. “They need you. They won’t go to sleep without you,” says your lovely husband. You are entitled to a breakdown every now and then. And guess what?

You are not alone. You are a good mom. You are worth it. You deserve to recharge and self-love. It’s okay to feel depressed. It’s okay to feel like you have no more energy left to give to your kids. Embrace the feeling and stop feeling guilty. You are not expected to be turned on every single day. Allow yourself permission to shut down and ask for help at times. Allow yourself to do nothing. Stop obsessing over the dishes and the chores that need to be done. Unfortunately, those things won’t go away. You can do them later. It’s okay if you need to lock yourself in the bathroom and breathe.

Stop apologizing. Stop feeling guilty. Just be. We know you love your kids. We know you know time is precious. Your kids will love you unconditionally no matter what mood you are in. Teach them you are human. You are okay. You can do this. You will do this. This too shall pass. I don’t need to tell you that you will miss this. We all get that they are only this little for so long. And soon enough they won’t “need” you anymore. But it’s also hard AF. This phase is hard right now and you can acknowledge that.

Keep on going mama and give yourself some credit. Rest. Breathe. Let all your expectations go for today.


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