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Healthy Body, Healthy Soul

It took me along time to make health a priority and a habit, but I feel as if I am good enough at it to give advice. Please note that anything in this blog is not a prescription or permission to do any of the following, but just some tips and advice that have helped me achieve my goals and get off my ass. One should always consult a physician before starting or experimenting with anything new.

  • Find a program that works for you. In previous posts, I wrote about Isagenix, a nutritional cleansing program that focuses on cleansing things and fat from the body. The products range from a variety of protein shakes, bars, herbal supplements, to recovery drinks and skin care. It’s a steep program, but if you follow it to the T, you are guaranteed results. This program worked wonders for me from the inside out. When I was struggling with anxiety and depression and at my heaviest, which really isn’t crazy but I felt disgusting in my own body, I decided to jump on the 30 day bandwagon and I freaking rocked it. It was hard work, but to me it was worth the $350 to feel amazing, energetic, light, and happy. I am the type of person who when I feel happy, I feel invincible. People always question how someone can fast, or why it costs so much money, or how can you guarantee you will keep the weight off. The answer is simple. It’s up to you to know what your body needs to feel good. Isagenix taught me that. No, I didn’t have to pay $350 per month, but you better believe I have a shake or 2 almost every day, even when I was pregnant. The best part of Isagenix is that anyone can have it- kids, breastfeeding mamas, pregnant mamas, skinny people, etc. Some products are prohibited depending on your condition, but I can’t praise this program enough. The point? Find something that works for YOU. But know that you are important enough to spend that- which really isn’t a lot because you are saving money on everything else you may splurge on- Dunkin, Starbucks, fast food, snacks.——-I also LOVE LOVE LOVE 1st Phorm PRODUCTS! My favorite products are Opti-Greens 50, Phormula-1- post workout proteinpost workout stackAlphaCreHD (stir-free pre-workout)Full Mega, Level-1- meal replacement protein, and the Joy Bundle/Prental multivitamin
  • Wear a fit bit. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. I love seeing how much deep sleep I get, seeing a fitness score, seeing my resting heart rate, seeing how many steps I take a day, etc.
  • Intermittent Fasting- I swear by this!! I just learned about it this year. This has literally saved my life. I learned about it briefly from someone at work, but secretly judged her because how the hell can someone fast? I am still nursing my 14 month old, so I felt like this was totally out of the question, but when I learned more about it, asked my doctor questions, and researched the shit out of it, I decided to give it a try.Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. It does not say anything about which foods to eat, but rather when you should eat them. Here are a few links that helped me. Here are a few links that help me navigate and understand intermittent fasting.
  • Run a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon. Set a goal for yourself and train. You will feel amazing. I was never a runner, but when I commit my mind to something, I will get it done for me. While training can suck and each mile hurts more and more, you realize how much strength you really have and that does something to you. It built my confidence, became a habit, a healthy obsession- my, myself, and the pavement. I swear I can feel the endorphins seep out of my brain haha.
  • Download myfitnesspal- again, like the Fitbit, this can be either good or bad. Caution: you may become obsessed if you have an obsessive personality like me. I recommend it, but in moderation. Just see how many calories your baseline consumes. It may surprise you. Maybe you need to eat more, or less, or more nutrient dense foods. You can even measure your macros- carbohydrate, protein, and fat run down.
  • Get a RENPHO scale. ABYON Bluetooth Scales Digital Weight and Body Fat Scale – Body Composition Analyzer with Cell Phone APP- Wireless Digital Bathroom Smart BMI Scale,396 lbs This smart scale measures your weight, BMI, body fat, body water, skeletal muscle, muscle mass, bone mass, protein, metabolic age, and more! It can be scary at first and most people probably don’t want to see the results, but how the hell will you make a change if you don’t know what you’re up against? This scale links to Fitbit or your phone to help with accuracy.
  • HYDRATE HYDRATE HYDRATE. I found this random chart on a website that kind of gauges how much water we should drink. I bought a thermoflask water bottle and I just keep drinking and refilling. I don’t really keep count. There are apps that track your water consumption, but I track enough!
  • Demographic Daily recommended amount of water (from drinks)
    children 4–8 years old 5 cups, or 40 total ounces
    children 9–13 years old 7–8 cups, or 56–64 total ounces
    children 14–18 years old 8–11 cups, or 64–88 total ounces
    men, 19 years and older 13 cups, or 104 total ounces
    women, 19 years and older 9 cups, or 72 total ounces
    pregnant women 10 cups, or 80 total ounces
    breastfeeding women 13 cups, or 104 total ounces

    Move ya body, girl..or guy! Whether it’s a walk, a run, dancing in the kitchen with your kids, try to move your body. Go to yoga once a month (it’s all I can afford), or join an exercise class. Or just take a walk after dinner. MOVE!

  • Take your vitamins- We all lack some sort of nutrient and if we eat healthy, we usually don’t need to supplement with vitamins. But if you know what you’re lacking, take the appropriate vitamin. For example, I still take prenatal vitamins because I am nursing. I have a friend who is very tired in the afternoons and needs extra vitamin B.
  • Get blood work- It could be for a physical or just because you are entitled to your request blood work. Get it done and don’t be afraid of the numbers. Your cholesterol may be high or maybe your prediabetic. You need to understand these numbers really before making any big changes.
  • Join a group- support group, exercise group, boot camp class, zumba class, a dance class. I joined a cool mom blog online and we are all still very active in the group. I love asking questions and getting such great advice from new and experienced mamas. I teach a zumba class and it’s not for the money. It’s for the friendships I’ve made and the sanity of other’s who don’t really know me outside of zumba.

These are just some tips that have helped me become successful in my mind, body, and soul. I have never felt healthier and happier. I have shit in my life, believe me. I am not perfect and these feelings didn’t happen overnight. It took me a while to get here and I feel like I am always growing and changing. Let’s build each other up more and stop tearing each other down. Tell someone they are beautiful, give positive affirmations. Don’t be afraid to dig deep within your soul and find what makes you happy and feel healthy. It might be ice cream or fries in that ONE moment, but overall. What makes you happy? What makes you have a healthy body and healthy soul? Tell me some of your tips and tricks!


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