friendship, life, motherhood

Dumping Friends

You always hear about getting dumped in relationships, but you hardly hear about getting dumped or dumped friends in friendships. Life can be overwhelming and fast-paced and of you get sucked up in the toxicity of some people or some experiences, you might drown. There comes a time in your life where it’s time to let go of those toxic friendships. Good riddance. You can try and try to be a good friend, good listener, etc, but just like in a romantic relationship, everyone of us has a different perception and that’s okay. But if you start to misunderstand perceptions or your lives start to drift away from each other, chances are you start to lose touch/fade out/ move on in a whole other direction and that’s okay too. If the relationship is strong enough to withhold a tough season, awesome. They are true friends.

Then you have the friends who complain all the time or constantly need attention. That’s completely okay when your perceptions are similar, but if not and the friendship starts becoming more work and more toxic, it’s time to let go. And as we get older, we grow more balls with experience and realize we don’t have time for that.

Weed out the negative, bring on the positive. Its okay to be negative believe me. I’m guilty of it, but when it’s soul sucking or becomes more of a chore, your heart will tell you.

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