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An avocado a day keeps the doctor away

I went to my 5th doctor in the past few years- my first and favorite one moved practices, then I had a creepy man doctor who I immediately switched to another creepy one and then a woman I liked decided to leave because of an insurance war. Lastly, I had some lady who was convinced I had a blood disorder because of my weird bruising. In a nutshell, I finally found one I like this summer. It also doesn’t hurt that he is pretty easy on the eyes- so much so that I actually get nervous to see him. It’s okay though because Howie and I both switched to him. He is around our age, down to earth, and speaks at our level. He is the only doctor I know that really focuses on food/nutrition and fitness and believes this makes up our overall health. FINALLY! Someone who doesn’t just prescribe meds, but actually gives advice and gives encouragement.

Howie went first and for Howie to like him, he must be good because Howie usually has high expectations. Instead of treating us like a number and just giving us a lab slip to get blood work, he actually took the time to answer questions, go over previous blood results, give expert advice on food, nutrition and fitness, and give professional recommendations based on his lifestyle. As for me, I wanted to share some great advice and things I learned just from my first visit.

The first thing he told me was that he was impressed that I was intermittent fasting and put all the myths to sleep. He reiterated how amazing intermittent fasting is for our health, our cognitive development, our digestive system, convenience of lifestyle, etc.

He thinks half marathons are the perfect goal, but anything more can be detrimental to our bodies. Full marathons can actually cause damage to our kidneys and other organs because our bodies go into “overtraining.” The same goes for Iron Man’s, etc. Triathlons are great goals too. I know this probably isn’t the most popular advice and he understood that, but he backed up his opinion by research and you can tell he is passionate about fitness and nutrition. The coolest part? He actually specializes in geriatric care!

Another thing he recommended for people- for everyone really- is the KETO diet. I am not following KETO to the tee, but I do love keto recipes. I actually take in about 100-130g of carbs a day so there is no way my body is in ketosis. It may hit ketosis when I am fasting, but I am not living a keto life-style. He swears by keto, especially those that are older, have trouble with high cholesterol, and those who tend to get sick a lot. He talked a lot about spending more money on quality Whole Foods like grass-fed or grass-finished beefs, organic eggs, high-quality supplements/proteins and real whole foods than processed foods or cheap supplements. He told Howie to always make sure he is getting enough fiber because that helps lower cholesterol naturally and helps reduce bloat or any stomach issues. He also mentioned getting a high-quality WHEY protein to fill him up longer and fueling the body appropriately. Thank you 1st PHORM!

He didn’t judge me for nursing and said to continue to nurse until we were both ready. I loved LOVED loved that he didn’t judge, but instead encouraged.

I asked about Hemp Oil Drops :: Supports Anti-Anxiety and Stress Health :: Natural Potent Drops :: Packed with Omega 3 Fatty Acids :: 1 Fl Oz. (30ml) 1 Month Supply :: Sans CBD :: Potent Naturals and he said if it works for me, then take it. It doesn’t work for him because he was getting major headaches. I must be doing something right though because even if I only sleep 5 hours/night and not even an hour of deep sleep AND I don’t drink caffeine, I still have energy and feel amazing, all day. He encouraged me to continue my routine and remember to breathe.

Take a high quality multivitamin and a high quality omega fish oil. I brought my supplements from 1st Phorm in and he approved. I take micro-factor for a multivitamin and full mega. I also take the Hair, Skin, and Nails all through 1st Phorm. I love the Level-1 Protein (preferably German Chocolate Cake)– never have I EVER tried a better protein than this. It’s thick and fluffy and the perfect taste EVER. I also take Opti-Greens 50 for regularity, fiber, and probiotics- this isn’t in place of veggies, but added because I know I don’t eat enough variety- I don’t even eat enough veggies in my diet.

I still get anxiety- especially when I don’t want to be late or I have to rush. I need an outlet for my energy because even though almost 90% of the time it’s positive, happy, and bubbly energy, 10% of that is nervous energy that I NEED to burn off. Balancing being a mom, teacher, wife, teaching zumba, studying for an RBT exam, studying for my fitness nutrition specialist exam through NASM, and repping for 1st Phorm all while I still nurse 1-3x per night with little sleep- that’s enough to cause anxiety. Plus my kids are high energy, can’t wind down especially at night, sometimes turns into the exorcist when she’s hangry, never stops moving, doesn’t feel like eating, rips my shirt off to get to my boobs, —–building a 2000 square foot barn right up against our pool, pay $22,000/year- $440/week, prepping for PPT’s, trying to work out, train for a half marathon—ALL of this is enough to make me want to hide under the covers and never leave my room. BUT I KEEP GOING and with an amazing doctor who understands my lifestyle who views whole food nutrition and fitness as overall health- it’s possible.

I thought these tips were awesome coming from a primary care physician- to recap–> set a goal for yourself around fitness, try to aim for 1 half marathon a year, eat organic, grass-fed, and Whole Foods, try out the KETO diet, try intermittent fasting- research backs this up big time, try CBD oil, say no to meds when you can but say yes to meds as necessary, add weight training to your regime, Nature Made CholestOff Original Caplets w. Plant Sterols & Stanols Value Size 120 ctis a great over-the-counter start for lower cholesterol less invasively with less side-effects, remember to breathe and practice self-care, just keep running, drink enough water, limit caffeine intake, and take rest days/don’t overtrain your body/split up running/cardio/hiit with weight training.

Find a doctor who is passionate about fitness and nutrition and genuinely cares about your health. Find someone who doesn’t just turn to medications to put a band-aid on the issues. I am a big advocate that food HEALS. Work on yourself from the inside out.

When you feel good, you look good. When you look good, you feel good.

Dear you,

YOU got this. YOU are important. If you haven’t had a physical or gone to the doctor in awhile, DO IT. If you don’t like them, switch. You are worth it. You can’t put a price tag on healthy.


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