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Dear Younger Me…

If I could tell myself one thing when I was younger (in those real tough years, 15, 16 years old…) it would be that you don’t need anyone but yourself. Keep one good friend. Do the things YOU love, not what anyone else loves.

I am 33 years old and my dad just wrote me a beautiful Christmas card. It hit every cord of my heart. It’s what I wish I could tell my 16 year old cousin who is battling depression and anxiety. It’s what I would tell my brother’s new girlfriend who faces crippling anxiety. It’s what I would tell my sister in law because she lights up the world and doesn’t even know it. It’s what I will tell my daughter over and over and over again. It’s what I would tell my younger self. Here’s what it said…

To my beautiful daughter, Tracy,

Your smile brings me overwhelming joy. Your sweetness melts my heart and your beauty lights the world. Never let anyone dull your flame. Never let the world Harden you. Touch the world with your gentle heart. I know your life has had so many ups and downs the past few years but you are so strong and incredibly inspirational. Whatever life brings your way I hope you remember a few tidbits of thoughts from my heart.

  1. Believe in yourself and follow your dreams. NOBODY can make you feel inferior without your consent. Have dreams for yourself and work hard to make those dreams come true. If hard work is not enough, then fight for it!
  2. Trace, I would love for you to value your heart and brain more than you do. You are so much more than you give yourself credit for. Your heart is so large and all who know you love you for it. If you do speak from the heart, what you say may be forgotten but the way you say it and make someone feel never will.
  3. Don’t judge others. Never put your energy into judging others, but rather being a good example for them.
  4. Stand up for what is right. The greatest things were not achieved by following the crowd, but from leading one. Do what you believe is right and never falter to the pressures of other beliefs.
  5. Live your life with a purpose and give purpose to your life. Doing good deeds will always reep you the greatest benefits no matter what anyone thinks.
  6. Never break your promise. Never give your word if you can’t keep it as breaking ones trust is the hardest thing to rebuild.
  7. Lastly, Tracy, you will always be my little girl. Spread your wings, take the world head on and be strong. Even though you have become an incredibly independent woman I want to make sure you never feel alone in this world. You will always have me, you will always be my baby and you will always have a home!

Love you always my little princess

m.s (million skies) dad

A few more things I will add from experience- and I am no better than anyone and quite frankly I really haven’t been around the block compared to a lot of people. I was pretty sheltered as a kid, but I have had some traumatic events that I don’t choose to share with the world, but are tucked in my heart. There are 3 major events- some people know about, some don’t. Here’s what I wish I knew.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone, especially social media. Social media portrays perfect moments when in reality no one’s life is perfect. We are all in this world together. Get over yourself and understand that.

Practice self-love because in the end YOU are the only one who matters.

Find one thing you love and schedule time for it.

Makeup is overrated. Staring at yourself in the mirror long enough to make sure you see what you want is overrated. Be you. Be RAW AUTHENTIC YOU. Someone will fall in love with YOU.

Don’t try too hard. Ever.

Find one person you and trust and you love- a friend, a love. Just one. You don’t need a million friends.

Stop feeling guilty.

Fall in love whole heartedly, but be cautious.

Love yourself. For the love of God. He made you the way you were supposed to be. LOVE YOURSELF.

To all the women who are battling anxiety, the mom’s who don’t sleep and give ALL of themselves to their kids, the depressed girls, the teenagers and young adults and ANYONE who is being bullied, the insecure, the women who are never confident, the women who look in the mirror and hate what they see, the women who scroll and scroll and scroll social media comparing themselves to all the “perfect” lives…



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