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To swear or not to swear…

I am a believer of God. I might not be up to par with certain beliefs or others perceptions, but in my heart, I am a believer in my own way. I know religion is a tough topic and honestly growing up, I pushed it away because I was never exposed. My dad became a Christian at age 39 and it forever changed his life. I didn’t see those changes because to me, my dad was a superhero. He never struggled, swore, drank, or did ANYTHING bad. However, I think in my heart something must have happened to make him suddenly became a full blow Christian.

I think they did a great job raising my brother and I. Being 33 years old with kids of my own, I see where their flaws were as parents, but it’s really nothing major. We are all different and everyone of us has different perceptions.

About 3 weeks ago, my ever so loving dad who just wrote me a beautiful testament in a card, saw a word that was posted in my husbands private office space that he didn’t like. Howie has a big piece of paper that says “do the fucking work.” To Howie ’tis quote signifies motivation. To my dad it signifies the fact that we are not true Christians and we won’t liver eternally in heaven and see each other. He immediately shut down as I had no idea why because I didn’t realize he saw the word. He sat in the couch, ignored our questions and pouted. My mom later whispered that she suspected he was mad because of the swear that was in his office. When I confronted him, he continued to shut down and push us away. They left very bitterly and I hadn’t talked to him in weeks. I reached out via text and he claimed he needed space.

Of course not growing up immersed in religion, I get confused easily. I never get confused in what He has sacrificed for us. But I get confused what makes you a believer truly. I don’t believe that condoning swearing keeps you from living eternally. I don’t believe that just because you swear that means you don’t believe in God. I don’t believe swearing is relevant in religion. In fact it has nothing to do with it in this new age. Yes, it’s wrong and you shouldn’t be tossing the f word around nonchalantly. Our family doesn’t. But I will say Howie grew up around it. I didn’t.

I believe swearing signifies a big emotion. Sometimes we can’t find the words to match our emotions so we swear. There’s no ticket to heaven. It’s simply faith based. I won’t get too far into details about my specific beliefs, but I was very hurt that my dad abandoned me for almost 3 weeks. Crickets. And when I did reach out a few times, he said we probably won’t get back to our special relationship for awhile. When a parents tells you they are disappointed in you, no matter how old you are, it stings.

So my question for you- swear or not swear? Was it wrong for him to get that upset when he was in our house? There has to be boundaries. It was Howies private office space, kind of like a journal. Our toddlers don’t go in his office. Actually, neither do I.

Swearing is Built Right into the Emotional Part of Our Brains

Most of us think of swearing in the context of being angry, frustrated, hurt, abusive, violent, or blasphemous.

Cursing is so commonplace that it shouldn’t surprise us that it seems to be built right into the emotional part of our brains. Sometimes, we don’t have time to think about saying a “bad word;” it just pops out. In fact, over 90% of the last word spoken by an airplane pilot just before the crash is, “s**t”

This is from an article that Dr. Roger Barrier wrote that I found very interesting.

What does the Bible say about swearing and cursing?

God forgives. God loves. God doesn’t judge.

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