A feel good story

It’s not often that we get feel good stories. That’s why I don’t even have cable. I can’t stand the news and all the crap tv out there. I have Hulu and Netflix, but I’m lucky if I even get to watch it. #momlife. No but I usually will watch something when I schedule my runs on the treadmill- New Amsterdam, A Million Little Things, Greys, Friends, and This is Us hahaha. Rare but I love escaping reality.

As most of you know, I’m a special ed teacher and I mainly work with trauma kids. I don’t talk about my job a lot for confidentiality reasons, but I will event name kids. Every year is different but it’s the same story. We don’t usually get to see the good and we are really good at putting out fires. We are the teachers who rarely get a gift, but when a kindergartener whose parents are going through major custody battles picks you dandelions and hugs you- that is everything. That’s why I do this job and love it with all my heart. Every year my heart grows more and more for these kids and when we see the smallest victories, we celebrate celebrate celebrate. It’s important to work with people who have similar hearts, especially in this field. And that I do<3

We have a fourth grade student who isn’t with typical peers a lot- even at home. He’s been through a lot, especially this year -he’s autistic and has a difficult time making friends. His idea of making friends is asking girls to “smooch” them. But because we know him so well we can try to give him the tools for making friends- practicing what to say, role playing, and planning times to be outside with a whole grade level, etc. Most of the time we have our own recess with about 5 kiddos- if that. Today was a day we brought him out with older kids. He started out by being inappropriate to them, but with a little guidance to him and the other kids, they started to flock to him- and not in a bad way. He started giving out compliments!! We do compliment circles daily and I felt my heart light up in that moment because he was applying something to real life. The other kids started giving compliments right back and he stood up and yelled, “Let’s have a parade!” It started out with a few girls following him, then a few others joined in, then boys started to join in, “the macho” kids joined in and no lie, half the fifth graders were following my kiddo. The whole thing was appropriate- no one was making fun of him. He wasn’t scripting “The Annoying Orange” from YouTube. He was being a kid. He was holding their hands and laughing.

When it was time to go in he ran over to myself and my para and said, “Mrs. Coro, do you see how many friends I had today? This is my favorite day ever. It’s the best.” Cue the tears. I stood there on the playground and watched my kiddo- the one who often refuses work, postures people and can be impulsive- and has probably seen way more than me in his 9 years of life- smile and have friends.

Today was a good day. God knew I needed it. It reminded me why I do what I do. Always remember, there is light. Also, we may be teachers but really the kids are our teachers.

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