Nine one one

The scariest thing in my life happened tonight. I choked and I almost had to have my 4 year old call 911. I was full blown choking, sucking wind, on my tippy toes gasping for air for a good half a minute (which seems like forever) and I almost thought my kids were going to see me die. My 2 year old came over- and this shattered my heart- he came over and kissed me and tried to crawl in my lap because at this point I was on the kitchen floor. He knew something was wrong. Meanwhile, my 4 year old scraped her foot and was crying like the world was ending. I swear everything started to get quieter. Kid you not, I thought my kids were going to watch me pass out or die on the kitchen floor while ambulance crews crowded our house. Daddy was at work and I knew I couldn’t call him or he’d have a heart attack. I was so close to calling 911 myself. I tried so hard not to make a huge scene but my goodness I was gasping like a seal so loud and trying to tell Jules to get my phone.

It sounds exaggerated but I swear in that moment I felt myself come out of my body. I calmed myself down and got it out by pounding myself on the back and laying on the floor . I won’t go into anymore details. But I will be saying my prayers tonight.

Please be so careful when eating or drinking. I’m not sure what I would have done if I passed out. I’m not sure what I would have done if… I just can’t go there, but thank you to my angels who surrounded me. Life is so intense sometimes I feel like I can’t even handle it. Thank you God.

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