Target run & literally done

Went to Target tonight per usual because let’s be honest, I go once a week and I actually enjoy going with both kids. However, lately it’s been harder and harder to go because Hudson usually wants to jump out of the cart and Jules wants to walk and then she wants play-doh and Hudson wants to be picked up. But I legit have a good list going of things I need per week since we don’t really get out much because #workingmom.

Well tonight was the epitome of hot mess mom life. Everything that could have gone wrong pretty much went wrong. Jules fell asleep right before we got there at 445 after work, which never happens. I obviously cut my hair in the car while she napped and Hudson screamed to get out of the car, but it was opposite of relaxing. It started raining and was about 50 degrees, but yesterday was 80 and humid. Hudson took his shoes and socks off so when I took him out of the car I got soaked trying to get his shoes on and since Jules was woken up, she was a crank and a half. She peed her pants, was wearing shorts and crying that it was freezing. I probably should have just kept them in the car and drove home.

Went inside carrying both kids while my pants were falling down and there were no big kid carts to take both kids in so I had both kids walk. Jules cried the whole entire time, people were legitimately annoyed, rolling their eyes, Hudson was running off and taking everything off the shelves. I got all my things on the list and obviously more. Jules begged for a cup that I wouldn’t let her have because I wasn’t spending $20. I tried to bribe her with chocolate milk, but since she’s a toddler and stubborn is her middle name so that didn’t work because she wasn’t in control.

She peed her pants again, had to buy new pants because she was crying that she was wet and freezing. Her exact words- Make me warm. At this point I found a pair of comfy sweatpants and tried to put them on her, but no pair was good enough. We ran to the bathroom with the sweatpants I picked out and changed, but had to leave the cart in the front of the bathroom and I left my wallet in there where some lady started yelling at me and telling me to be more responsible…as I’m still in the stall with both kids trying to pee myself. Ran back out to get our stuff and pay at the register.

Got to the register, Jules wearing her new pants, Hudson already 2 pouches in, and Jules drinking a gatorade. Used my Red Card and it says card connection issue error. Tried again, doesn’t work. Tried my debit, says the same thing. Tried on another machine, doesn’t work. One of the ladies who has absolutely no personality comes over and pretty much asks me to put all my stuff back. So you mean I have to take the pants off my kid who just peed her pants and carry her in the rain in underwear? You want me to return 2/4 pouches that Hudson just devoured? Keep in mind I have NO cash on me, there are no ATMs in Target, and NONE of my cards work. The line behind me is SO long, people are pissed, and I’m now crying. The lady behind me had a 6 year old with an Elsa doll and she kept telling me to take a deep breath and I was doing a good job. I wish I had her name because she was amazing.

Finally, the lady behind the register, who was trying to help me, said to use one of my cards as credit. Of course now I am humiliated and feel like a hot mess, horrible, can’t control my kids, poor need food stamps mom. I’m soaked in sweat and now so mad that I’m just taking everything back out of the cart and returning it. I’m literally trying to take Jules pants off, SO embarrassed and crying and sweating when the lady slides my card through and it took as credit! For the love of God, it worked. I apologized to everyone in line and ran to the car in the rain remembering that our debit cards were hacked this week. Of course my Red Card wouldn’t work because it was attached to the card that was hacked. The new card? Still have no idea why that didn’t work.

My husband responded to a plane crash yesterday where 7 people died. I had a terrible night at Target, but my kids are alive. My husband is alive.

Thank God for Target trips even when they are a nightmare.


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