Defining Success


All too often we equate “success” or “progress” with losing weight, having more money, having all the nice things, having the best pictures on social media– not our faith or our happiness, which is what it should be defined as. I have found that making a list of habits, behaviors, things that make me happy and goals that I want for my life have helped me define my own success. This is just a quick list of goals I want for my health. If my health is in jeopardy (physical and mental clarity), then I’m a crappy person. Through health and fitness, I want…

  • Improved digestion- no more bloating
  • Improved energy
  • Improved strength, stamina, endurance, power
  • Improved mental clarity, focus, alertness
  • Believing I’m beautiful. Stop comparing myself to others
  • Lean muscle- stronger
  • Improved mood and mental health, especially depressive feelings and anxiety
  • Improved resiliency to handle stress
  • Remain Unmedicated

Then I made a list of things that make ME happy and feel good…

  • Dinner dates with my girls
  • Massage once a month (because I run a lot and it destresses me
  • Regularly scheduled dinner dates with my husband
  • Running alone watching Friends on my treadmill
  • Getting my hair done with a glass of white wine (hahaha thanks Megan)
  • Teaching Zumba
  • Target is my happy place
  • Sitting in my jacuzzi with candles
  • Laying in bed with both kids listening to calming music

Keep in mind it’s nice to come up with ways on how to reach these goals and make time for the things you love.


Defining what “success” looks like to YOU (no one else) means that you have to reflect on a bigger “why” and purpose. I have always struggled with this because my mind has ADHD but my heart feels everything, so sometimes I feel conflicted about what I really want. Finding your true “why” will be your driving force for your whole life. Your why is the underlying reason you want to change and feel good, and this becomes your core driver and motivator when motivation runs out because it totally does. Motivation is a finite resource—it runs out all the time. When your why is identified and becomes a part of who you are and aligns with your intentions, you will be will feel like you conquer the world. It’s okay for your why to change sometimes because life evolves and so do we.

When working through your why, there is no wrong answer ever, but, it needs to mean something to you and only you. It needs to be something that will keep you going when life gets hard. I want to be healthy and happy for my kids because if I’m not, everything else around me falls apart. You want to feel better? WHY do you want to feel better? Because my kids and my students and my family and friends need me. I need me. You want to overcome anxiety? WHY do you want to overcome anxiety? Is it because you want to stop feeling nervous and rushed and like you can’t breathe? You want to have more faith and understand God? You want to become stronger or faster or have a good marriage? Why? What is the thing that is driving you to want that? Once you find that why, I promise those stupid excuses will fade away and you will look for ways to get there instead. If you’re like me at all, I know you want to do things for others, take care of your kids, give everyone and everything 100% of yourself. Boom, then you end up neglecting yourself and you run out of gas, of motivation, of drive. You give up and say maybe tomorrow. Maybe next month once I get this part in control. Maybe in the new year.

Do it. Make that list. See how you can get there, because I promise you can. If that why is strong and clear, you will find your way. Life is a freakin journey and we are constantly growing, evolving, changing, loving, hurting, evaluating, assessing, wondering, hoping, overanalyzing, praying, wishing… living.

Celebrate the small things. Live in the now. As I lay here in bed with both kids on top of me (after a night of restlessness, fighting them to brush their teeth, Hudson threw up twice, Jules was higher than a kite…) I’m listening to reading chill out playlist on Spotify (highly recommend for calmness and meditation), I am sooo happy and content. Those are the feeling I’m collecting. All of this. These feelings and moments to me are SUCCESS. Massages can feel like success. Money can feel like success. Find your why, but make sure it doesn’t swallow you whole. Find that balance and fly!!

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