Soul sparks- a lot like the other blogs

It’s a real thing and all too often we feel so depleted in our souls. We crave that soul spark more than we realize because we are too often caught up in the everyday clutter and storms. Our souls become a storm and stir up so many emotions. I swear I can see and understand others souls, which is a blessing and curse.

Call me an empath, a soul reader, weak or sensitive, but all I know is I’m constantly craving that soul spark. I will tell you that most days I feel washed out, not confident, and exhausted. The past few years I have learned that the words soul and trauma can be used jointly. Sometimes we close off the soul because of trauma that we’ve experienced. We all experience it differently and we’ve all experienced it in some way shape or form. Maybe we subconsciously block out friends or intimacy because we feel like we don’t deserve it. Maybe we can’t allow our soul to be happy.

In the simplest terms, trauma happens when our nervous system becomes overwhelmed and our coping strategies fail. If we are unable to escape what is attacking us, we freeze and disconnect from the world- i.e., we put a wall up in our soul and are no longer able to feel that soul spark that all of us deserve. We become “stuck” in a biological state of stress, fear and reactivity, leading to feeling washed out, not confident and exhausted. I know you can’t get that spark full time, but I keep on wondering if I’m the one that won’t allow it.

To me, soul sparks are those small ignitions of inspiration and feelings that can turn into big changes, new directions, or relationships. They come from deep down inside you, sometimes even subconsciously. And that trauma that we’ve experienced big or small leave imprints in our soul and allow us to feel the way we do.

For me the biggest soul spark I crave are the relationship ones; the emotional ones. Relationships encompass many things from your spouse, partner, friends, kids, and pets. These are the people who make you better, vice versa. When you talk to them, there is a fire that goes off inside. When you think about them, the spark ignites and I’m not just talking about intimacy. It may not happen every time, but they are the people that hold you up when you need support; love you when you are down; and challenge you when you are just sliding by. Relationship soul sparks inspire true friendships and spirited conversations that make you light up inside.

Soul sparks. We need them. In fact, we cannot really live without them. If you are feeling spark-less or soul-less, then you need to re-position yourself to experience them, listen to them, and act on them. Pay attention to the signs. We all deserve this feeling more often than not. People come into your life for a reason, good or bad. Remember that.

Also worth noting- you can have a soulmate you just meet or someone who has crossed your path along the way. Doesn’t mean you are spending the rest of your life with them. You can have a pet as your soulmate. You can have your children be your soulmate. Pay attention to your soul and don’t lose sight of that feeling.

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