Grandma Lois

“Wait, is your dog named Lois?” This woman we met at the dog park (random right?) came up to our new pup and was so excited. She shared many things with us and we had no idea we would meet her that day. She was kind and bubbly, but lonely and needed someone to talk to.

Lois shared with us that she was recently divorced to a man who abused her verbally and physically. She also shared that she had a son who she loved with all her heart but he picked his wife over her. Many sides to many stories I have learned but today God called me to listen to Lois.

I also learned that she has a heart condition and high cholesterol so her doctor prescribed certain medications and she was scared to take them. She loved our kids and especially our dog. She kept saying how lucky I was. I can’t explain much but she came at the perfect time that day. We ended up talking and walking for over an hour.

At the end of our conversation she said this- “Life is crazy but when you have love nothing else matters.” I cried right in front of her and she told me she could see my heart right through my shirt and to never change. Lois knew nothing about me. She had never met me before that day. I feel like I love to write about people I meet- good or bad, because there’s always a purpose. We might not know that purpose for years to come, but God knew I needed to meet Lois that day.

She’s 82 years old and loves to go to that park to see dogs and talk to people because she’s lonely. She’s endured a lot through her life and she has no judgment on people. I’m sure there is more to her because I met her once, but thank you Lois for seeing the things I sometimes don’t. Thanks for reminding me how blessed I am. Thanks for reminding me to weather the storm because I will come out stronger. Of course with my stupid empath heart I wanted to invite her to dinner but #boundaries. I’m learning.

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