Love & Grace

Please don’t project your perception of perfection on to me, I will not live up to it.

I am a human and I make mistakes; sometimes my words come out wrong, sometimes I get emotional and reactive, sometimes I feel lazy, sometimes I can be a hot mess (ok always), sometimes you may see me as needy, sometimes I might be late, sometimes my passion can be seen as aggressive, sometimes I’m too focused on myself. Sometimes I’m too nice. And sometimes I come off bitchy. But I am also always kind- I don’t know how to be mean, especially to other people. I can be mean to myself due to past traumas, but I work hard at loving myself. I go to talk therapy and while it may not help others, it helps me. I’m a volcano full of emotions and sometimes I just need to vomit my feelings in a safe place. I’m an empath introvert but I will contort my heart and soul to make you feel comfortable so I can come across as a spaz extrovert. And then I’m sweating because I’m really an introvert at heart, but I just want everyone to feel comfortable. If I meet you and I’m calm, you’re my person. I need more of those people. I have learned that souls don’t meet by accident and I love everything about that.

I will fuck up, and so will you, but that’s where I grow and acknowledging this keeps me humble. We have to make mistakes and feel uncomfortable in our lives to wake up our soul once in a while. I always tell my students that we all have a soul deep down in the same area as our heart, but it’s separate. Ps this is my perception of the soul. It’s like a little box that sits right next to the heart. No soul is empty. Every soul has a story and that story is ours alone. We can choose to share pieces of our soul with others or we can choose to keep it locked in the box for only us. When we share pieces of our soul, that can be intimate – and not always in a sexual way. I mean that when I share some of my story and soul to you, I trust you and I see you. Nothing compares to the feeling of a happy soul. Nothing compares to people who I trust with my soul.

I promise I will always try my best to do better next time and to meet myself and others with the compassion, love and grace we deserve for this journey we are all on together ❤️🦋💫

So next time, for the love of God, be kind. You can’t see another’s soul. You don’t know their story. Never allow anyone to make you feel less than. Never allow anyone to tell you what your priorities should be. Never allow anyone to break your soul. Feel with your soul and trust it. It never lies. Give yourself grace and love and don’t you dare be afraid to let others in. Don’t let others harden you. Protect your soft heart and love hard if that’s what you do.

We will all find our groove in life and sometimes it will ebb and flow. If it didn’t, life would be freaking boring. Life is not a destination, it’s a journey. This is an overplayed quote but I keep having to remind myself that life won’t go as planned so adjust your mindset and let it flow. Sit in the discomfort and sit with your feelings. It’s never wrong. There is no road map to your life. Just remember if you feel like you’re on the wrong road, you’re not. It’s for a reason. The people you meet? Good and bad? For a reason. Mistakes and choices we make? For a reason. Heart breaks and trauma? For a reason.

Pay attention to your soul. Pay attention to the love and connections you make in life. Those will bring you right back. ❤️

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