emotion, faith, trauma


Trauma is like a love language. We have all experienced it in some way or form. Everyone experiences trauma differently. Some swallow it whole and it comes out later on in life, spilling into relationships and other parts. Some experience that “leaky” trauma where it comes out all over the place. Some people block it all out and have a wall up. I’m pretty much all 3 of these and I struggle with it. I don’t let trauma define me and I’m so incredibly blessed that it hasn’t swallowed me whole, although some soul storms do, which I have to realize is temporary. Some may view my trauma as weak, but I’m here to tell you that no trauma is weak. We are who we are because of the experiences we have gone through: good and bad. It’s all about perception and how we see the world and our traumas.

It’s how we learn to cope. Some people write or run or eat or sing or exercise or chill. Some people vent and write or meditate. I wish I could have better strategies but instead I’m learning to let go.

You can’t run away from them. You can only accept them and find ways to navigate it. Things that help me- write in my blog, go for a run, find people who get me and don’t judge me, find people who may have experienced similar things/ trauma, feel all the feelings and never apologize for it, recognize when you need a break, approach things with kindness, especially myself, ask for support, take a bath, and talk to my angels. The most important thing is to feel your feelings- sit with them even if it’s directly related to a trauma.

I hate the word trauma, but it’s freaking real. It’s second nature to reach for a map when you’re lost in the physical world. But what do you reach for when you’re lost internally? Although there’s a difference between these two worlds, they intertwine and feed back into each other. What happens on the outside influences our internal worlds, and what happens in our minds influences our actions on the outside. And it’s important to recognize this. In our internal world, we also try to move toward and away from certain experiences. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just be happy and content every day? If we could think positive thoughts always? But in reality, it’s often the fear of danger or the memories of past trauma that fill our thoughts…. Sometimes constantly. I probably could have connected this with my soul storm blog. Often the harder we try to pull away from a painful inner experience, the more we get stuck. And now our internal and external worlds are at war- like my soul storm.

Big or small trauma we are all just trying to navigate life with our “backpacks.” Fly to the things that are meaningful for you and fly to the things that spark your soul- watch your trauma melt and turn you into a better person.

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