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Maybe the Universe

I read this article about love recently. And when I talk about love, I don’t necessarily mean intimacy and sexual relationships. I mean loving yourself, your tribe, the people around you, other souls you connect to, life experiences…I’m not sure if the Universe is guiding us or God or what, but I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I thought about this more often then not.

Maybe the Universe fights for certain souls to find one another. Maybe God does. Maybe the Universe can actually place people in your life just to take them away. Maybe the Universe fights for the heartbreaks, for the missed opportunities, for all the bad timings…all to teach us a lesson. Life is crazy like that, you know. We are all where we are supposed to be at this moment in time, whether we like it or not. I firmly believe this is true. Every turn we take leads us somewhere.

Maybe the Universe knows in a jarring way that those moments will show you your strength in ways that hope cannot. Maybe it’s within those losses that you truly find strength and gratitude for all that has stayed in your life. Maybe it’s through caring for those who make us feel like we are hard to love, or maybe we are taught how to embrace those who see us, those who truly protect our souls. That’s rare, but when you find it, don’t let it go, even if it can’t be everything you want it to be. And maybe, just maybe it is through the darkness that we feel that we are taught how to appreciate the warmth, how to chase the light, how to believe in it when when we don’t feel it, how to trust and wait to be discovered. But in reality, we are just waiting to be discovered by ourselves.

Maybe the Universe, during these times, is trying to teach us how to be thankful for all that did not work out in your life, for all the hard times that make us appreciate the good times. Maybe it is reminding you that when it is finally right, everything you love wholeheartedly will love you back in the same manner, including yourself. That when it finally feels right, the things you reach for in life, the things you always prayed and hoped for, will reach right back, kind of like when your heart and mind finally align. For me, this is a lifelong journey- trying to align the heart and mind. Maybe the Universe is trying to help you truly understand that all of the things you ached for that did not work out- they didn’t break you or ruin you or make you feel less worthy. They made you stronger. Those feelings are freaking hard- and not everyone will understand your soul and WHAT you actually need. And that’s okay- someday you will find those people and you won’t let them go. These kind of people? They teach you how to love yourself through it all. These experiences? They teach you that you are stronger than you think. They teach you that you don’t need to actually depend on a single person, but you can lean on them without judgement. Weeding out the things and the people that aren’t for you takes A LOT. I promise you this will make sense someday.

At the end of the day, I hope you will always remember this. The Universe does not take without giving….ever. The Universe will never leave you empty. For all that it can destroy, it can create. This always helps me get through that those hard times. For all that falls apart, something will come together. Trust the timing. Trust the process. Have hope. Be patient. It may not be easy right now. You will never lose what is for you. The right things will always connect. They will always find you’d When your heart, soul and mind align. Listen.

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