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Gratitude & Fulfillment

Are you happy with your life? Do you feel fulfilled? Or only a little bit? It's totally not normal to feel fulfillment every second of your life because if you did, how do you know what it feels like? Those times of wonder and questioning your purpose is normal and totally okay. Those times help… Continue reading Gratitude & Fulfillment

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I just need a minute…

When you're a mom- stay at home mom or working mom, you literally never stop. When people around you say they are exhausted, half the time you want to clock them and say- you don't even know. Even thought they probably went through this when and if they had kids. But damn times have changed.… Continue reading I just need a minute…

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I see you mama

I see you. I see you working all the time... being a mama, a teacher, a full time worker, a wife, a communicator, a good friend. I see you trying to be the best. I see you waking up early to immediate anxiety of having to get the kids up and ready for school/daycare. I… Continue reading I see you mama

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Relationships with Kids

I was recently listening to the RISE Together podcast with Rachel and Dave Hollis. As I write this, I am currently running 8 miles trying to do talk to text because I have a million thoughts for this blog post. During this podcast and this especially hard run, I realized dude, I can do this… Continue reading Relationships with Kids

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What about me?

Today, in particular, I'm feeling the weight of the world. I am tired and cranky and exhausted. It's not about me anymore though. It's about the kids. I don't mean to sound conceited or rude, but I just want it to be about me today. I want to curl up in a ball in my… Continue reading What about me?

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Dr. JC- What is love?

Howie and I started marriage counseling on Monday (President's Day)- the only time we could actually make the meeting, be together, and get a sitter. Thank you Erin. You are a goddess. Dr. JC would call Howie to try to schedule something with him, but then Howie wouldn't call back and then he would call… Continue reading Dr. JC- What is love?

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I hate you I love you

2 kids they said. Have 2 kids! "Couples often think that children solidify a marriage but the truth is they are a serious threat. The transition from couple hood to parenthood marks one of the greatest stressors on the life of a marriage," says John Jacobs, M.D., A NYC couples therapist. Naturally, the more time… Continue reading I hate you I love you

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me throughout my raw and unfiltered journey of motherhood and life! I know there's a million mommy blogs out there, but I love to write because it helps me keep sane and put things into perspective. Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had and dealing with fears… Continue reading The Journey Begins