The Empty Room

Have you ever had a moment in your life where you can just remember it forever and ever? Yes, I know I have a ton. I’m the type of person who actually really does marinate in the moments - where I know that exact moment will never come back again. I actually stop and say-… Continue reading The Empty Room


“It’s okay, Mama”

Have you ever been caught by your kids while you’re in break down mode? I mean the crying in the bathroom lock the door sobbing break down? I was caught today. Today, I was feeling the weight of the world. Ever since COVID I can assume most of us feel this way on a daily… Continue reading “It’s okay, Mama”

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You are five

  June 20, 2020 Dear Juliana, You are FIVE today. My heart breaks and then gets put together all over again watching you grow up. It is so hard for a mama to watch her FIRST baby grow up. You are kind, sweet, fierce, and empathetic. Sometimes I just want to say sorry that you… Continue reading You are five

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I’m not an octopus

Juliana and Hudson are my world, if you haven't already got that. But for the love of God, they are so needy, rightfully so. Being 3 and almost 5 is a hard job, trying to navigate your big feelings in this crazy chaotic pandemic of a world. Pandemic or not, being a toddler isn't all… Continue reading I’m not an octopus