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I just need a minute…

When you're a mom- stay at home mom or working mom, you literally never stop. When people around you say they are exhausted, half the time you want to clock them and say- you don't even know. Even thought they probably went through this when and if they had kids. But damn times have changed.… Continue reading I just need a minute…


Tired Mama #momfail

I feel like I see a trend of these blogs being negative and I really don't mean it, but damn I am in a bad rut lately. My toddler is oppositional defiant and mostly just towards me and my almost 11 month old wants to be held all day long and in my arms it… Continue reading Tired Mama #momfail

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You are the best damn mama

Picture this...I'm in my car in my driveway, cutting my split ends, Hudson sleeping, Jules on my phone watching YouTube Kids. I literally have my new MacBook Air with me all the time, so I'm squished up against the steering wheel typing this. I have slept 2.5 hours and taught a Zumba step class this… Continue reading You are the best damn mama