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Relationships with Kids

I was recently listening to the RISE Together podcast with Rachel and Dave Hollis. As I write this, I am currently running 8 miles trying to do talk to text because I have a million thoughts for this blog post. During this podcast and this especially hard run, I realized dude, I can do this… Continue reading Relationships with Kids

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I hate phases

"They grow up so fast. Oh, it's just a phase. You think the terrible two's are bad?¬†Wait until they are three. I miss that age." I can't stand it! I hate phases! I don't want my babies to grow up. Yes, I complain that it's hard right now trying to balance everything while having 2… Continue reading I hate phases

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Getting Older

Getting older scares the shit out of me. Not only does it mean I am getting older, but my kids are getting older, and my parents are getting older and everyone I love is getting older. No matter how much I want to slow down time, I can't. It's hard not to feel in control… Continue reading Getting Older

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Social Media…

Here I am using social media as an outlet, but I can't stand social media for our kids. As adults, we pretty much know how to navigate social media appropriately at least the majority of us do. Modern day social media can be so disgusting and demeaning. It doesn't seem to serve an appropriate purpose… Continue reading Social Media…

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Sleep is for the dead

  I think I just need to accept the fact that I will most likely never sleep again. I have a 2.8 year old and a 10 month old so I'm currently living in the battlefield of parenthood; aka terrible two's and sleep regression. Sometimes I feel like I have twins, especially when it comes… Continue reading Sleep is for the dead

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Friday night vent sesh

Cue the poor me...just for this post. I gotta vent it out. It's 9pm on Friday night and both kids are awake. My kids are naturally wired and most people will say it's my fault because I ran and did Zumba throughout both my pregnancies. I had to put Hudson in his crib and let… Continue reading Friday night vent sesh

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I miss my first born

Dear first born, I miss you. I miss us. I miss when it used to be us. I love my second born more than I ever imagined, but God do I miss us. I remember when I was pregnant with my second I was so nervous to leave you. I couldn't fathom it never being… Continue reading I miss my first born

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All Aboard the Hot Mess Express

Poop explosions, no showers, tantrums, pee on the floor, coffee spills, runny noses, nightmares, no sleep, toys everywhere, doctor visits, bumps and bruises, almost heart attacks, leaky boobs, pumping in the microwave, nursing all night long. Cuddles, kisses, I love you's, singing, dance class, smiling back at me, crawling everywhere, meeting milestones, chalkboard milestones, taking… Continue reading All Aboard the Hot Mess Express

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I hate you I love you

2 kids they said. Have 2 kids! "Couples often think that children solidify a marriage but the truth is they are a serious threat. The transition from couple hood to parenthood marks one of the greatest stressors on the life of a marriage," says John Jacobs, M.D., A NYC couples therapist. Naturally, the more time… Continue reading I hate you I love you