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I am

I am strong. I am sensitive. I am beautiful. I am allowed to feel EVERY emotion and not feel guilty. I am selfless and I will not let anyone tell me otherwise, no matter who you are. And if you are in my circle and you think I am not, then I have the power… Continue reading I am


Seriously though, you got this

I was just reading a blog I follow on facebook about how in Gods name people can handle more than one baby? The group I follow is an amazing group of women who all had babies around the same time. We have been following each other for a year now and I feel like I… Continue reading Seriously though, you got this

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Inhale Exhale

Inhale your weaknesses, exhale your strengths. I have many weaknesses and I'm sure my husband can attest to this, however, my biggest strength is being a mother. I was meant to be a mother. I believe that God has granted me motherhood because I was supposed to be a mother. I am many other things,… Continue reading Inhale Exhale


Just Breathe Mama, you got this.

I dabbled with the idea of starting a blog when I had my first baby. I will start a blog and vent about motherhood, balancing life, being a wife, etc. That thought quickly vanished when I was sucked into motherhood so hard that I forgot to even brush my hair. And to think, that was… Continue reading Just Breathe Mama, you got this.