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I hate phases

"They grow up so fast. Oh, it's just a phase. You think the terrible two's are bad?¬†Wait until they are three. I miss that age." I can't stand it! I hate phases! I don't want my babies to grow up. Yes, I complain that it's hard right now trying to balance everything while having 2… Continue reading I hate phases

Babies, Toddlers, love, motherhood, parenting, self care, surviving motherhood

All Aboard the Hot Mess Express

Poop explosions, no showers, tantrums, pee on the floor, coffee spills, runny noses, nightmares, no sleep, toys everywhere, doctor visits, bumps and bruises, almost heart attacks, leaky boobs, pumping in the microwave, nursing all night long. Cuddles, kisses, I love you's, singing, dance class, smiling back at me, crawling everywhere, meeting milestones, chalkboard milestones, taking… Continue reading All Aboard the Hot Mess Express

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You are the best damn mama

Picture this...I'm in my car in my driveway, cutting my split ends, Hudson sleeping, Jules on my phone watching YouTube Kids. I literally have my new MacBook Air with me all the time, so I'm squished up against the steering wheel typing this. I have slept 2.5 hours and taught a Zumba step class this… Continue reading You are the best damn mama

Babies, Toddlers, love, motherhood, self care, surviving motherhood

Saturday effing morning

It's 630am on Saturday morning. I have slept a total of 2 hours and 26 minutes (thank you Fitbit) because Hudsons gums are bleeding and teeth are ripping through. Juliana has been sleeping amazing, but of course when I fall back asleep at 6, she wakes up. I'm up from 2-6 cursing my husband up… Continue reading Saturday effing morning

Babies, Toddlers, life, love, motherhood, surviving motherhood

Inhale Exhale

Inhale your weaknesses, exhale your strengths. I have many weaknesses and I'm sure my husband can attest to this, however, my biggest strength is being a mother. I was meant to be a mother. I believe that God has granted me motherhood because I was supposed to be a mother. I am many other things,… Continue reading Inhale Exhale