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Relationships with Kids

I was recently listening to the RISE Together podcast with Rachel and Dave Hollis. As I write this, I am currently running 8 miles trying to do talk to text because I have a million thoughts for this blog post. During this podcast and this especially hard run, I realized dude, I can do this… Continue reading Relationships with Kids

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Dr. JC- What is love?

Howie and I started marriage counseling on Monday (President's Day)- the only time we could actually make the meeting, be together, and get a sitter. Thank you Erin. You are a goddess. Dr. JC would call Howie to try to schedule something with him, but then Howie wouldn't call back and then he would call… Continue reading Dr. JC- What is love?

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I hate you I love you

2 kids they said. Have 2 kids! "Couples often think that children solidify a marriage but the truth is they are a serious threat. The transition from couple hood to parenthood marks one of the greatest stressors on the life of a marriage," says John Jacobs, M.D., A NYC couples therapist. Naturally, the more time… Continue reading I hate you I love you

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You are the best damn mama

Picture this...I'm in my car in my driveway, cutting my split ends, Hudson sleeping, Jules on my phone watching YouTube Kids. I literally have my new MacBook Air with me all the time, so I'm squished up against the steering wheel typing this. I have slept 2.5 hours and taught a Zumba step class this… Continue reading You are the best damn mama


Just Breathe Mama, you got this.

I dabbled with the idea of starting a blog when I had my first baby. I will start a blog and vent about motherhood, balancing life, being a wife, etc. That thought quickly vanished when I was sucked into motherhood so hard that I forgot to even brush my hair. And to think, that was… Continue reading Just Breathe Mama, you got this.

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The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me throughout my raw and unfiltered journey of motherhood and life! I know there's a million mommy blogs out there, but I love to write because it helps me keep sane and put things into perspective. Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had and dealing with fears… Continue reading The Journey Begins