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To swear or not to swear…

I am a believer of God. I might not be up to par with certain beliefs or others perceptions, but in my heart, I am a believer in my own way. I know religion is a tough topic and honestly growing up, I pushed it away because I was never exposed. My dad became a… Continue reading To swear or not to swear…

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Relationships with Kids

I was recently listening to the RISE Together podcast with Rachel and Dave Hollis. As I write this, I am currently running 8 miles trying to do talk to text because I have a million thoughts for this blog post. During this podcast and this especially hard run, I realized dude, I can do this… Continue reading Relationships with Kids

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Disciplining a Toddler

It is so so so important that when you are disciplining a toddler that you and your partner are on the same page. If you are not on the same page, toddlers totally know that and will start manipulating one of you. And then in return, this usually results in a fight between mom and… Continue reading Disciplining a Toddler

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Social Media…

Here I am using social media as an outlet, but I can't stand social media for our kids. As adults, we pretty much know how to navigate social media appropriately at least the majority of us do. Modern day social media can be so disgusting and demeaning. It doesn't seem to serve an appropriate purpose… Continue reading Social Media…

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Sleep is for the dead

  I think I just need to accept the fact that I will most likely never sleep again. I have a 2.8 year old and a 10 month old so I'm currently living in the battlefield of parenthood; aka terrible two's and sleep regression. Sometimes I feel like I have twins, especially when it comes… Continue reading Sleep is for the dead

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Please come home

"Sometimes things get so crazy and Jaime would run out of the house with an “I gotta go, dad!” without fully saying goodbye...I don’t always get to say I love you, Fred said of their mornings. “I don’t remember if I said that to Jaime yesterday morning.” This is from a Dad who lost his… Continue reading Please come home

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Potty Training will be the death of me

My toddler is 2.8 years old and can use the potty, but inconsistently. When I was pregnant with Hudson, she was showing interest and then I had him in April and by her second birthday in June, she was going a lot. But we practically lived outside and she was naked or in a diaper… Continue reading Potty Training will be the death of me

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Dr. JC- What is love?

Howie and I started marriage counseling on Monday (President's Day)- the only time we could actually make the meeting, be together, and get a sitter. Thank you Erin. You are a goddess. Dr. JC would call Howie to try to schedule something with him, but then Howie wouldn't call back and then he would call… Continue reading Dr. JC- What is love?