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I love you so much it hurts

I love you much too much. I've known it from the start, but yet my love is such, I can't control my heart. Alma Cogann Have you ever heard someone say you love something or someone so much it hurts?! Well, it's true. I'm not just talking about your first love, although I will say… Continue reading I love you so much it hurts

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Dumping Friends

You always hear about getting dumped in relationships, but you hardly hear about getting dumped or dumped friends in friendships. Life can be overwhelming and fast-paced and of you get sucked up in the toxicity of some people or some experiences, you might drown. There comes a time in your life where it's time to… Continue reading Dumping Friends

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The power of prayer

I follow so many moms... moms I personally know and moms I wish I knew. My heart can literally feel what some of these moms are feeling. I might not be in their shoes but our loves are so strong for our kids and when I see moms hurting or desperate for prayer, my heart… Continue reading The power of prayer