Just Breathe Mama, you got this.

I dabbled with the idea of starting a blog when I had my first baby. I will start a blog and vent about motherhood, balancing life, being a wife, etc. That thought quickly vanished when I was sucked into motherhood so hard that I forgot to even brush my hair. And to think, that was only one kid.

I’m a full time special education teacher and I’d like to think half my income counts for our house and other expenses, even though my husband might think otherwise. He wants me to be a stay at home mom, driving a white Lexus SUV, and to be happy. He will do anything for us, but money is a big stressor in our marriage. That and the kiddos.

Anyways, 2 kids later, still working full time (and secretly loving it since it’s my chance to be with human beings older than 2.5 years old), I am starting a blog. The blog is for me, but also for other working moms, stay at home moms, I’m gonna lose my shit moms, workout moms, almost moms, dog moms, every single kind of mom out there. I want to blog about motherhood, marriage, life, fitness, balance, stress, happiness, heart aches, life. I like to write to vent, but also because when I write, it puts things into perspective and captures feelings and memories that are hard for me to put into words. Everyone who knows me knows I have a million pictures and videos to capture memories, but words tend to be more powerful.

So bare with me while I write, vent, laugh, cry, and blog. Life can be so crazy- working full time, not working full time but staying at home (God bless all of you who can do that), doing laundry, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, packing lunches, but making sure it’s healthy, trying to eat healthy, working out, pumping, nursing, try to cook all organic and earthy crunchy/take pictures of that food just to post on snapchat or instagram because if you don’t, then it doesn’t count, be a good wife, remember to get an oil change, shower daily, complete to do lists, pump, nurse, pump, nurse…I mean seriously, how are we supposed to balance it all and not look crazy?!

Stay tuned…but in the meantime, just breathe mama, you got this.

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