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Potty Training will be the death of me

My toddler is 2.8 years old and can use the potty, but inconsistently. When I was pregnant with Hudson, she was showing interest and then I had him in April and by her second birthday in June, she was going a lot. But we practically lived outside and she was naked or in a diaper all the time. She pooped and peed religiously all day long when we were outside the deck, but she wouldn’t carry that over into daycare. Then it got cold again and she wanted her diaper. When her language exploded, she would actually tell me she only wanted to go in her diaper and didn’t feel like using the potty. We even read, “Daniel Goes Potty.” Fast forward and Hudson is now almost 10 months and she’s 2.8 years old and only uses it in our house if she’s naked. The other day she wanted no part in her new Disney princess underwear and took off her diaper, peed, then ran around the house naked. Then decided she only wanted pants on just to poop in the corner while she yelled, “Mama, leff me alone!” That was fun cleaning poop off her legs, “gina”, bum, and feet as Hudson is trying to swim in the dog bowl. And then of course I am cursing Howie up and down about how he is downstairs with the electrician working while I was upstairs cleaning poop and chasing Hudson. Oh, and my throat is dripping and my nose is clogged. The struggle is so real.

Back to the potty, how the hell are you supposed to train? Let them go in underwear? I mean, we let her pick out Disney princesses, but that’s not motivating enough. She’s already used it a lot and can go number 1 and 2. We also paired her going to the bathroom with 1 M&M and that was working, but it doesn’t seem as motivating now. Also someone said that if they are waking up soaked they are not ready. We have her potty easily accessible, but if she’s lazy she won’t go. However, I will be honest and say that I’ve been lazy too. As much as it sucks to buy 2 packs of diapers per month, sometimes more, I don’t want to stop every second for her to pee or poop with a 10 month old who also has his own agenda. Don’t kill me for saying this, but diapers are actually easier!

I guess the moral of this blog is that you do what you have to do and when they are ready, it will happen. There should be no rush. If you push it, our pediatrician warned us that it could cause constipation issues as well as risk for UTI or bladder infection.

So far, positive reinforcement (M&Ms, praise, high fives) have worked and letting her be naked and having the potty easily accessible has worked, but the Disney undies haven’t made much of a difference. When she’s ready, she will be ready. For now, I need to stop comparing her to other toddlers her age and just embrace the craziness. She might only love me a few more years and that kills me so if it were up to me, she would be in a diaper until 7 years old hahahah!

I will keep you updated on our progress. Feel free to leave me any advice or suggestions. No negative comments tolerated. Just breathe mama, you got this.


4 thoughts on “Potty Training will be the death of me”

  1. I waited until my son was 3, when he was ready. Trying before then was just misery for everyone. It took a week and now he only pees in the potty, but only poops in diapers and absolutely refuses to wear underwear. The joys of potty training! Good luck!

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  2. My daughter was 3 1/2 when she tinkled on the toilet. We set a date, my birthday, to when she would start wearing underwear. She woke up that day and said I wear underwear today! And lo and behold- SHE DID! No accidents, either! However, the pooping was a whole other story…… For some reason she just DID NOT want to poop on the toilet. So, she’d grab a pull-up, take off her undies and put it on. Then proceed to poop and then tell me she was done. Yup, good times. 😩. I just learned that when she was ready, she’d do it. I knew she couldn’t poop in a diaper forever. 🤪.
    My kids are 12 months and a few days apart. The following spring of my daughter being potty trained, my son decided he was going to do it. No problem. That was that. His mind was made up and he was easy peasy. No accidents or anything.
    I had always heard girls were easy and boys were tough to train . Not in my house. And you’re right. When they’re ready, they’re ready. My stubborn little girl made up her own mind to when SHE was ready.
    One day at a time, you’ll get through it. I’ve learned to pick my battles and it all works out.
    You’ve got this, my friend. You’re doing great, Mama. ❤️

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